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Monday, March 5, 2012

Massive Bank President Resignations

The presidents/CEO's of banks all over the world are quitting in droves.
You can google "Bank Quits", "Bank Resigns" or "Bank Steps Down" and there are so many stories.
Here's an article listing quite a few links to resignation articles.
The question of course, is are these guys then entering secret bunkers in preparation for the SHTF, or are they being arrested quietly, or are they just trying to avoid being at their desks when the dollar crashes and people start warming up the tar and feathers?

Also, the rumor mill has it that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was arrested and released last week. Not sure why, or even if it's actually true.  Supposedly it was to keep him from leaving the US, but then he went to Mexico, ostensibly on official business.

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