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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Erdogan's son Bilal is Funding ISIS by Buying their Crude

The general gist of this is that because the pipeline the US is trying to build to deprive Russia of its oil revenue will go through Turkey, the PM of Turkey Erdogan's set up his son to buy crude oil from ISIS on the black market and resell it as legit, and is funding ISIS this way. With lack of interference while pretending to disapprove from NATO and the US.

Enjoy your cheap gas while you can.

The only good commie... you know the rest

Bernie Sanders is a lifelong communist! Don't be fooled by his soft pedaling or failing to mention this.
h/t Come and Make It

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UPS Cargo Plane Crashes in Alabama
Well at least it didn't have any refugees aboard...

I'm not sure if the rumor/youtube video going around about UPS cargo planes bringing refugees to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the dead of the night is true or not. I'm asking people who might have seen something - refugees getting off buses, for example, to come forward and say something.

EDIT: The Pennsylvania one is a hoax. I have this confirmed by patriots who would know.

At least I know I'm freeeeee

More federal land grabs, and the feds made physical threats against the Hammonds if they talk to Ammon Bundy.  Sounds quite illegal to me what they're doing to this poor family. Also the whole thing reminds me of the so called national park that displaced so many country folk east of Lexington KY in the prior century.

Note that the wildlife prefers private land to this so-called wildlife refuge. A wildlife refuge with no wildlife, used to be an Indian reservation that never had any Indians.

If they KNOW wildlife is not doing as well on "wild" land as it does on land inhabited by people, and still pursue this course, then there is some other motive for driving people off their land.

My money is on collateral for debt. Whether that debt is valid is another issue. It's also not the first time a small cabal decided the people had to be cleared off land in the name of "the people".

But you know, keep being a happy little tax slave, and watch Dancing with the Stars and the Thanksgiving Parade, and go get further in debt to perpetuate the illusion of your prosperity this plain red holiday season.

Monday, November 9, 2015


I had 946 page hits from Indonesia this past week. (I'm assuming it was all in the spike of the other day)
This is strange, as the all time total from that country was 950.

Well, hi there. Hope you liked it.

Say hello to this DIY gear design blog
Ideas for tactical gear improvements.
Generally sort of crude drawings, but any amateur rigger or tactical seamstress (seamster?) would have fun with these ideas.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New blog on blogroll

Please welcome

I'll be cleaning up some of the defunct/inactive blogs too. I sometimes keep them if they have use as an archive or reference, but at least one has gone dark and removed all its posts. I just have to decide which will go.

So where've I been? Training like a foooooool! And not the fool you have to pity, unless you want to pity my sore feet and ammo budget.
Do your PT, fools!

Current other projects include but are not limited to:
Looking for cheap rural land for a bug-out place
Reducing my "stuff" so it might all fit in a big travel trailer or one moving truck
Trying to figure out how to pay for the land/trailer/etc. Probably sell most of my Nice Things. And my house.

I'm thinking that the very best combination would be a travel trailer or some kind of RV in a campground. I could just hitch it up and leave if I had to, and they have some kind of security/utilities. The trick is to find a campground that isn't full of derelicts.  Raw unrestricted land would also work, but is harder to find. Or a tiny fixer-upper house or trailer on land.

The hardest part has been culling my stuff. Everything is "useful some day" to a prepper.
So is it ironic, that I start the post with "refugee resettlement watch" and end it with discussing a bugged-out lifestyle? No, it's not hijra when I do it! This is my country!

No apologies!