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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cheap MOLLE gear factory seconds

Want cheap MOLLE gear and don't care if a stitch or two is out of place?
Kentucky and Tennessee. They have factory outlets that sell MOLLE gear factory seconds for cheap. This is a company that makes gear for the military.

Salvage Grocery Stores
At the link above is a list of salvage grocery stores. They sell discount scratch-n-dent groceries.
Might be a good source for preppers. I haven't gone to any of them yet. Anyone with a review of one and how it matches up with "normal" prices on groceries, please comment.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Come and Make It (new blog on roll)

Ha! I found a new blog, courtesy of WRSA
First couple things I see there are a 3-D printed handled 12-ga zip gun made from black pipe (the innovation is the printed handles and an insert to hold the firing pin), and an inverter-run welding kit you can stick in your car trunk and run off a small generator.

Go give them some love!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nuclear Plant Leak in Miami, FL

All you Floridians might want to have plans to get out on short notice. If you have relatives there you could send them a dosimeter card for the holidays.

Another Dead Banker

This is the 36th mysteriously dead banker this year - Geert Tack. Described as "blameless" by his peers, he turned up without outward signs of violence in the English Channel - toxicology report is still pending. He had recently crashed his car and got a loaner car, and left his laptop and phone at home the day he disappeared. He had reportedly been having insomnia in the days leading up to the disappearance.

To me it sounds like he knew something was up. But I'm not sure he planned to kill himself. Most suicides leave a note.

The link has a list of all 36 dead bankers.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stoic Pithy Quote

Fiat iustitia, ruat caelum
(let there be justice, even if it crashes Heaven) 

That is totally going in the Pithy Quotes page.