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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Various links

While I was studiously ignoring the Republican debates, and the fooferal punditry that preceded them all day, I compiled this handy dandy collection of links for you! Osama's stepmother et al died this week in a plane crash in Saudi Arabia|breakingnews Russia hacked the Pentagon, could this be Ed Snowdon's fault or are they just happy to see us?
 the US is asking "black hat" hackers for help with security/credibility (mumble mumble barn door open, horses mumble) Wherein Ferfal points out that "socialism" in Latin America is not of the quality one sees in Nordic countries, but rather a kleptoctracy run by incompetents, and predicts that Venezuela is on the brink of mass starvation. Their inflation has hit 808%, by the way. I wouldn't head that way to avoid the American crash... new privacy plugin from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They have a Chrome version too.

Friday, July 31, 2015

What Goes Around Comes Around

To celebrate being popular in Russia for some reason (just looked at my stats) here's a little tidbit from the past.  May this sort of thing never repeat in Russia. It's starting to go this way here, God help us. 

Yezhov, the toady of Stalin's who wrote a pseudo-academic paper that made out any innocent gesture that could be construed as political opposition into a crime called “incipient terrorism”. (For example his first denouncement was a tailor who poked his needle into a newspaper for safekeeping and by chance it was a picture of Stalin's eye he stuck his needle into). Yezhov maneuvered himself into the position of chief of secret police (by denouncing him and getting Stalin to have him assassinated) and made his career persecuting the old Bolsheviks who had got Stalin into power in the first place. He arrested over 7 million people on trumped up charges, not only the old Bolsheviks but also their wives and children (who were declared criminals by association), smiling evilly in the back of the courtroom as they were convicted to die or go to labor camps... but then was hoist on his own petard when he insulted some party high-ups including Molotov, who found out and had him arrested. Yezhov was beaten, tortured, and executed.

What goes around comes around. Naming ordinary, law abiding people whose politics you don't like as "possible domestic terrorists" will eventually come back to bite you in the ass. Just sayin'.

You've Got Jail!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dinesh D'Sousa Sentenced to More Punitive Psychiatry

Stalin used to get dissidents diagnosed with mental illness and put them away where they were drugged against their will. Because Communism was so wonderful they must have been crazy to oppose it.

Even if D'Sousa violated campaign finance law, which I'm not convinced wasn't just a bozo mistake and not a mens rea deal, but even if it was a deliberate thing, I fail to see how it's a sign of mental illness.  The judge's protestations that he's "doing this for D'Sousa's own good" and not as a punishment ring absolutely false to me.

There is no justice anymore. This is a re-education camp, without the camp. D'Sousa is being made an example of.

Your homework:
I want you to think if this happened to you, how could you A. resist, B. get away and still be able to have a life and make a living, C. still have an impact on politics? Would you put up with the shrink and comply in order to get it over with? Would you lie, or clam up, or fail to show up? Would you continue to resist and make them jail you instead? Would you flee? Do you have cash, supplies and stealth shelter for if you can't work? Can you do that without drawing attention to yourself? Keep in mind D'Sousa is a public figure with a pretty unique face. So some of these things would be pretty hard for him to pull off, but might be easier for someone else.  Maybe he's better off complying if he wants to still be a public figure later. The more they mess with him, the worse they look. That is if someone besides WMD and this obscure blogger cover the story.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

One from each side of the aisle today.

NYT hit piece on armored vehicles. Every time some crazy putz commits a crime someone wants to ban something for everyone else.
Some Republican NY state senator wants to microchip all prisoners because of the 2 fugitives. Here's a relevant quote. I include this quote because it's got the body part they would like to put the chip in - for future reference.
Experts say the chips would be embedded in the neck, underneath six or seven layers of skin. So simply cutting it out without medical assistance would pose a significant health risk, Kramer reported.
The NYCLU objected to the idea.

I would like to point out that you can fry such a chip with a capacitor of sufficient strength, used like a stun gun. One about the strength of one of those one-use camera flashes should do it. No cutting necessary,

I would also like to point out that one can armor one's own vehicles with steel or Kevlar, which if it became unavailable to individuals is also found in some industrial items like heavy-duty conveyor belts. If I remember right there was even something on Come and Make It about laminating your own bulletproof glass.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Texas Pulls $1 Billion in Gold From the NY Fed - Makes it Non-Confiscatable

Texas is forming its own state level gold repository.

Think it might secede?  Texas has legal language allowing it to secede. It's got its own electric grid. It's got oil. And now it will have its own gold repository.  (It would seem the drought has been abated there, too, lately.)

This Jade Helm stuff seems more and more like an excuse to put materiel and troops into or near Texas to prevent secession of them and whoever else might want to secede with them.  Or maybe Texas is responding to a perceived threat by stepping up their preparations.  Either way, life seems to be imitating art.